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LEUKOPLAKIA - oral medicine notes

 LEUKOPLAKIA  POTENTIALLY MALIGNANT DISORDER :  R isk of malignancy being present in a lesion or condition either during the time of initial diagnosis or at future date  PRECANCEROUS LESION :  Benign morphological altered tissue in which cancer is more likely to develop than its normal counterpart : leukoplakia  Erythroplakia  Tobacco pouch keratosis  Palatal lesion in reverse smokers  PRECANCEROUS CONDITION :  Generalized state or a disease which can be associated with greater than  normal risk of cancer development  OSMF Lichen planus  Epidermolysis bullosa  LEUKOPLAKIA :  White plaque of questionable risk having excluded (other)known disease or disorder that carry no risk for cancer  PLAQUE-  Raised lesion that are greater than 1 cm in diameter ,they are essentially large papules  PAPULE:  Lesion raised above skin or mucosal surface that are smaller than  1 cm in diameter  WHO DEFINITION : Non scrapable white patch or plaque that cannot be characterized clinically or pathologically