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Hand instruments in operative dentistry -3

HAND INSTRUMENTS PART 3 CONTENTS: NON CUTTING RESTORATIVE INSTRUMENT 1) CEMENT SPATULA 2) PLASTIC SPATULA 3) PLASTIC INSTRUMENT 4) AMALGAM CARRIER 5) CONDENSOR Vanakam   , Stencildent family Previous 2 post were about :       1)   Exploratory instrument: 2) Cutting instrume nt: Here comes the 3 rd part, as I have already mentioned in contents we will be discussing about non cutting instrument along with picture.                                                     CEMENT SPATULA  PLASTIC INSTRUMENT  AMALGAM CARRIER  CONDENSOR  CARVERS BURNISHER  NON CUTTING RESTORATIVE INSTRUMENT   Feel free to comment down your valuable suggestion                                                   THANK YOU 

Hand instrument in operative dentistry part- 2

Cutting instruments used in operative dentistry: Excavators Chisel Enamel hatchet Gingival marginal trimmer Finishing knife  In this post we will see about cutting instruments along with picture's. EXCAVATORS: Under excavator we will see about ordinary hatchet,hoe excavator, angle former,spoon excavator . CHISEL: In chisel we will see about straight,mono-angle, binagle ,triple angle, wedelstaedt. ENAMEL HATCHET :  Its used to cleave undermined enamel in proximal cavities and on buccalor lingual walls. GINGIVAL MARGIN TRIMMER :      Its similar in design to the enamel hatchet,except the blade is curved and the bevel for the cutting edge is always on the outside of the curve with the face of the instrument being on the inside of the curve . EXCAVATOR  CHISEL  ENAMEL HATCHET   GINGIVAL MARGINAL TRIMMER  CUTTING INSTRUMENT

hand instruments in operative dentistry -part 1

HAND INSTRUMENTS IN OPERATIVE DENTISTRY -PART 1  INTRODUCTION  Instruments are small hand held device that are used for various procedure while treating a patient . classification based on usage  A) EXPLORATORY INSTRUMENTS B) CUTTING INSTRUMENT C) NON CUTTING RESTORATIVE INSTRUMENTS In this post we while see about exploratory hand instrument used in operative dentistry along with hand written notes in detail. Mouth mirror :   Diagnostic  instrument,used to see areas of mouth not accessible with direct vision.   Explorer:   diagnostic instrument ,consist of handle,shank,exploring tip  uses:to detect carious lesion  Probe : sharp pointed hand instrument  uses: exploring lesion ,to detect demineralised dentin  Dental Tweezers: diagnostic instrument it consist of 2 long arm and locking device  uses:carrying things to and from mouth . MOUTH MIRROR    PROBE  DENTAL TWEEZER  EXPLORATORY HAND INSTRUMENT  THANKS FOR READING❤️