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Shock pathology notes

                               SHOCK  HELLO! DOCTOR VANAKAM,  The topic of discussion for today is SHOCK as I had already mentioned it in my previous post on sterilization techniques in microbiology if u haven't read it so far check it out using this link  without any further ado lets get started. CONTENTS: 1) Definition 2) Classification 3)Hypovolaemic shock- pathogenesis 4)Septic shock 5)Etiology and pathogenesis of circulatory shock 6) Complication  1) DEFINITION : It's a life-threatening clinical syndrome of cardiovascular collapse characterized by acute reduction of effective circulating blood volume, inadequate perfusion of cells and tissue. 2) CLASSIFICATION : Shock is classified into hypovolaemic, cardiogenic, septic, other shocks which include traumatic and neurogenic 3) HYPOVOLAEMIC SHOCK: Cause:  inadequate circulatory blood volume  The factor causing: loss of red cell mass, plasma, he