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Anti-tubular action ,pharmacokinetics,adverse effects of Rifampicin

  RIFAMPICIN : Its a semi-synthetic derivative of Rifamycin  1st line drug used in tuberculosis  Rifampicin is bactericidal to M.tuberculosis,M.leprae Inhibits most gram positive and gram negative bacteria like staphylococcus aureus,N.meningitidis,E.coli,klebsiella,pseudomonas,proteus and legionella ANTI-TUBULAR ACTION: Tuberculocidal :treatment for tuberculosis  Acts on intra and extracellular organism and drug resistant organism hence called - STERILISING AGENT  Inhibit DNA dependent RNA synthesis if used alone it develops drug resistance                                                    Rifampicin             Bind with beta subunit of DNA dependent RNA polymerase                                          Inhibition of MRNA synthesis                                            Tuberculocidal effect PHARMACOKINETICS: 1)ABSORPTION:Given orally 2)DISTRIBUTION:Penetrate cavities,caseous masses,placenta and meninges 3)METABOLISM :Liver 4)EXCRETION:Bile and urine  T 1/2 : 2 hours  INTERACT