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  AGE ESTIMATION  INTRODUCTION : Radiology plays an important role in human age determination Dental radiography is a non-destruction and simple technique used daily in dental practice  Age estimation in children can be based on radiographic analysis of developmental stages of dental elements since: Strong genetic control More reliable in predicting chronological age than other osteological indicators NEED FOR IDENTIFICATION: A competent forensic death investigation of human remains has 4 goals : Determination of the means Manner Cause of death Identification of the remains METHODS: DEMIRJIANS METHOD: To assess the developmental stages of third molars from the mandible . Eight stages (A-H) Plus 0 - absence  CONCLUSION : Teeth represent useful material for age estimation  Development of each individual can be effected by : Genetic  Nutritional Climatic  Hormonal Environmental  It has been reported that dental mineralisation is less affected by external factors when compared to bone mine