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Principles of tooth preparation at glance

 PRINCIPLES OF TOOTH PREPARATION DEFINITION : Tooth preparation is defined as the process of removal of diseased and or healthy enamel ,dentin and cementum to shape a tooth to receive a restoration (GPT8). BIOLOGIC : 1)PREVENTION OF DAMAGE  Adjacent teeth Soft tissue Pulp  2)CONSERVATION OF TOOTH STRUCTURE  3)MARGIN INTEGRITY Placement  Geometry  Adaptation  MECHANICAL : 1)RETENTION FORM  Magnitude of dislodging forces Geometry of preparation Path of insertion Roughness of fitting surface of casting  Materials being cemented Type of luting agent  2)RESISTANCE FORM Magnitude of dislodging forces Geometry of preparation Type of luting agent  3)STRUCTURAL DURABILITY  Occlusal reduction Functional cusp bevel Axial reduction  AESTHETIC : 1)Partial veneer restoration 2)Metal ceramic restoration 3)All ceramic restoration  AIM OF THIS POST : Hello my dear stencildent viewers hope you glanced through the principles of tooth preparation this is just a introductory post the upcoming post will be