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Biomedical Waste Management In Dentistry -Ecofriendly Dentistry

  BIOMEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT IN DENTISTRY BIOMEDICAL WASTE : Biomedical waste is defined as any type of waste generated in : Diagnosis Treatment Immunisation of human being /animal in a) research,b)production of biological products  It also includes waste coming out of medical treatment given at home  UNIVERSAL PRECAUTION: To minimise the infection in medical laboratory workers and health care personnel 1) Gloves: while handling blood and body fluid specimen 2) Laboratory coat /gown 3) All blood specimen placed in leak proof impervious bag for transportation to the laboratory  CATEGORIES OF BIOMEDICAL WASTE : 1) YELLOW- Infectious waste 2) RED- Contaminated waste  3) WHITE- Waste sharp including metal 4)BLUE - Sharps  WASTE GENERATED IN DENTAL PRACTISE: Anatomic,non-anatomic Silver containing waste used fixer solution and unused x-ray film Lead containing waste -lead apron,lead foils inside x-ray film Mercury containing waste -element mercury,scrap amalgam Chemical ,disinfectant a

Smart Strategies to manage patient with dental anxiety -stencildent

HOW TO HANDLE PATIENT TANTRUM? MAGIC WORDS :  CALM APPROACH RESPECT UNDERSTAND APOLOGISE RESPOND Calm yourself Approach the patient Maintain eye contact Respect the patient   Understand the event that triggered the anger  Positive body language Apologise for the event that disgruntled the patient Respond with very short relevant  reason  End the conversation with a positive note. Now ,let us implement this in real time situation Imagine now you are wearing PPE suit and suddenly you hear ranting sound from the next patient appointed ,now you cant of course stop the treatment abruptly,yet have to handle the patient tantrum what will you do in this situation  ? I will calm myself down ,request assistance to try cooling the patient .Meanwhile ,I will use skill set and experience to provide effective treatment to the patient on chair in a short duration.After doffing PPE  suit will head towards the gruntled patient ,will request assistant to send of  the previous patient.Will try maintainin

Dental professionals: 4 soft skill you need -STENCILDENT

DEVELOPING SOFT SKILLS IN DENTAL PRACTISE MANAGEMENT  SOFT SKILLS? Self - promoted ,non-technical and very important views of that person Personal attribute that enhance an individual interaction,job performance and career prospect HOW DOES DEVELOPING SOFT SKILL HELP IN DENTAL PRACTISE? They help to organise ,pla,manage,and track changes during the course of growing dental practise Help practitioners to understand dynamic,social and complex context of practise. SOFT SKILL SET? Cluster of personality trait ,social grace,communication,language,personal habits ,friendliness and optimism that characterize relationship with the patient COMMUNICATION SKILL: First be a good listener ,a good listener will always be a good speaker Pace of communication should be adequately paced,give appropriate pause ,test the patient whether he understands what is being communicated Positive soft skill manner ORGANISATION SKILLS? Organise treatment plan with adequate patient appointments Organise both hard an