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Periodontal Screening And Recording -Periodontology easy notes

 PERIODONTAL SCREENING AND  RECORDING  It has been developed jointly by the american academy of periodontology and the american dental association with the support of the procter and gamble company PROBE : WHO probe is used  It 0.5mm ball tip and colour coded from 3.5 to 5.5mm CODING SYSTEM : CODE 0 :  The probes coloured band remains completely visible  healthy and does not bleed on gentle probing  CODE 1:  Colour band completely visible in the deeper sulcus of the sextant bleeding after gentle probing is detected  CODE 2: Colour band completely visible,subgingival calculus defective margin are seen bleeding is there on probing  Treatment: Plaque and calculus removal,correction of plaque -retention margin of restoration and oral hygiene  CODE 3: Color band is partially visible  If 2 or more sextant score code 3,a comprehensive full -mouth examination and charting and indicated (3-4mm) CODE 4: Color band completely disappear (75mm) Asterisk* Abnormalities-furcation involvement ,tooth m

Examination of periodontium,periodontal pocket,teeth and implant

  PERIODONTAL EXAMINATION OF  TEETH,IMPLANTS,PERIODONTIUM AND  PERIODONTAL POCKET  1)EXAMINATION OF TEETH AND IMPLANTS: A)TOOTH MOBILITY : All teeth have a slight degree of physiologic mobility which varies for : Different teeth Time  During the morning it will be greatest ,slight extrusion of tooth whereas ,during sleep it will be limited as there is not much  Occlusal contact these 24 hour variants are seen in those who  Have occlusal habits  such as : Bruxism Clenching LOCAL CAUSES: Periapical pathology Tooth morphology Implant mobility SYSTEMIC CAUSES : Age  Sex(females more predilection) Oral contraceptive Other Cause : Loss of tooth support Trauma from occlusion STAGES : 1)INITIAL /INTRASOCKET STAGE : Tooth moves within the confine of periodontal ligament  Associated with : Viscoelastic distortion Redistribution of periodontal fluid  2)SECONDARY STAGE: Occur gradually  Increase in horizontal force results in elastic deformation of alveolar bone  GRADING: According to ease and ext