Contributions of Louis Pasteur and Koch postulates in microbiology

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I hope you all are doing good today let us discuss the contribution of Louis Pasteur in microbiology and Robert Koch postulates both of these questions can definitely be asked in your respected university exam as  2 marks if u have in the exam pattern or even as viva question .apart from  exam point of view this is very interesting and fascinating to know contribution by a legend who  had created a tremendous change to your society , just imagine if the term vaccine was not been coined by sir Louis Pasteur the world's population would have reduced and hardly few people alone might be disease-free all others would have suffered from any ailment throughout  our lives, not only did Louis Pasteur coined vaccine and vaccine for the deadliest disease such as anthrax which is caused by spore-forming bacteria Bacillus anthracis in which we get infected through contact with an infected animal, cholera is  infectious disease which results in severe watery diarrhoea which can lead to dehydration and even death if left untreated  , rabies viral disease that causes inflammation of brain in humans and other mammals. Louis Pasteur introduced sterilization techniques well I know  all of us around are recently  going crazy behind personal hygiene because of pandemic which is in a way good but  even if someone cough may be because of any other reason such as dust allergy or any form of allergy also the first thing that we might suspect is definitely the hero of the year - COVID 19  it would have been much better if people realized the importance of personal hygiene before any such circumstances in one way I do believe that this outbreak is for a better world It has definitely created awareness amongst people the importance of sterilization now as a dentist, medical professional we definitely need to know about the sterilization procedure , techniques as we will be treating patient we need to ensure there is no transfer of contaminants to and from the patient we need work for the welfare of patients general health and of course ours too this is the main reason why we need to sterilize materials,instrument before and after use .next post would be  about sterilisation methods in detail,and about autoclave its principle,working,uses.


Louis Pasteur  -father of microbiology
1) Development of method and technique of bacteriology
2)Proved conclusively that all forms of life, even microbe arose from their like and not de novo
3)Pasteur disproved the view by demonstrating the ubiquity of microorganism in the air by his experiment performed on a swan-necked flask
4)Introduction of sterilization technique and development of steam sterilizer autoclave and hot air oven
5) Louis Pasteur coined the termed vaccine, attenuated organism injected to animal, protection 
vaccine introduced by Pasteur: Anthrax, cholera, rabies


1) Bacteria should be constantly associated with the lesion of disease.
2) It should be possible to isolate the bacterium in pure culture from a lesion
3)Inoculation of pure culture in the experimental animal should produce lesion of the disease 
4) It should be possible to reisolate the bacteria in pure culture from a lesion in experimental animal 
1)A microorganism which cannot be grown on artificial medium eg: virus
2)Disease caused by more than 1 pathogen eg: diarrhea, pneumonia
3) One pathogen causing multiple diseases 
eg: sore throat, skin infection 

I hope this post would have been informative to you all if it had helped you learn and if you want any topic to be covered along with note's feel free to let me know in the comment section below as this will motivate me to post more content.
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