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Healing of tissue -Repair,process pathology notes

                            HEALING OF TISSUE  Hello, doctor vanakam, The topic of discussion for today is the healing of tissues as I had informed earlier on the previous post on shock- pathology  here is the link for the previous post do check it out if you haven't seen it yet. without any further ado, let's get started. CONTENTS: 1) INTRODUCTION TO HEALING 2)DEFINITION OF REPAIR AND ITS PROCESS 3) PHASE OF GRANULATION TISSUE FORMATION 4)HEALING BY THE FIRST INTENTION 5) DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FIRST AND SECOND INTENTION 6)COMPLICATION OF WOUND HEALING  1) INTRODUCTION: Healing is the body's response to injury in order to restore normal structure and function. It involves 2 processes: REGENERATION: Healing by a proliferation of parenchymal cells that results in complete restoration of the original tissue. 2) DEFINITION OF REPAIR : Healing by the proliferation of connective tissue that results in fibrosis and sca

Sterilization technique in microbiology

HELLO! DOCTOR VANAKAM, I hope you all are doing good today we will be discussing sterilization various methods of sterilization, about dry heat sterilization and moist heat sterilization along with different methods employed, and what are the materials to be placed in this method in detail about autoclave its principle, working and of course uses. As I have had already informed you all through my previous post on the contribution of Louis Pasteur and Koch postulates if we haven't checked it out yet do check it out using this link  wherein I would explain the importance for the need of the HOUR and always to sterilize things to and from the patients and also get geared up for the next post on SHOCK wherein I would cover the definition, types, classification along with etiology, pathogenesis, flow chart, the complication of septic shock in detail so now without any further ado lets get started. STERILI

Contributions of Louis Pasteur and Koch postulates in microbiology

Hello Doctor Vanakkam, I hope you all are doing good today let us discuss the contribution of Louis Pasteur in microbiology and Robert Koch postulates both of these questions can definitely be asked in your respected university exam as  2 marks if u have in the exam pattern or even as viva question .apart from  exam point of view this is very interesting and fascinating to know contribution by a legend who  had created a tremendous change to your society , just imagine if the term vaccine was not been coined by sir Louis Pasteur the world's population would have reduced and hardly few people alone might be disease-free all others would have suffered from any ailment throughout  our lives, not only did Louis Pasteur coined vaccine and vaccine for the deadliest disease such as anthrax which is caused by spore-forming bacteria Bacillus anthracis in which we get infected through contact with an infected animal, cholera is  infectious disease which results in severe watery diarrhoea whi


  VIRUS STRUCTURE AND CLASSIFICATION Virus are obligate intercellular  organism sub microscopic entity consisting of a single nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat and capable of replication only within the living cells  STRUCTURE: size: 10-100 nm; 1/10th size of bacterium . shape : spherical genome material : DNA OR RNA; never both  protective shell:    capsid : Its made of any identical protein subunit they protect gentic material ,symmetrically organised. Envelope :  lipid containing membrane that surrounds the virus particle located outside the capsid acquired during replication . CLASSIFICATION OF VIRUS: A) BASED ON MORPHOLOGY B) CHEMICAL COMPOSITION C)      MODE OF REPLICATION THANKS FOR READING  NOTE:please feel free to comment down your valuable suggestion below .